There are no short cuts
or substitutes for experience.

Cardiology in Cambridge


Dr Leonard Shapiro is a highly respected Consultant Interventional Cardiologist specialising in coronary angioplasty and non coronary intervention. Dr. Shapiro is one of the most widely experienced general and interventional cardiologists in this country, he practises in the picturesque
University City of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and is based at the world famous Papworth Hospital. Papworth Hospital is one of the largest cardiac units in the country.


Dr. Shapiro practices privately at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital which is situated 3 miles north of the Cambridge historic city centre and well placed for transport links as it is both near the A14 and M11 junction 14.


There are no short cuts or substitutes for experience. Assessing and treating patients with potentially life threatening heart disease leaves no room for complacency or error. Dr. Shapiro is widely experienced in many aspects of heart disease, his expertise acquired from a long traditional training programme in the London Teaching Hospitals. Formal training of the type that he received is no longer available. However, long and wide experience is vital as it allows for accurate assessment of heart related symptoms.


Appropriate investigation followed by sympathetic reassurance is the key to returning an individual to a normal life. Dr. Shapiro is an expert in coronary and non-coronary interventional cardiology and he also has other diverse clinical interests. He has particular expertise in valve disease of the heart. He has been the Medical Adviser to the Football Association for more than a decade. He has been especially involved in screening footballers for heart disease. He has established a Nationwide Screening Programme to look for life threatening heart abnormalities in young footballers to prevent the tragedy of sudden death. Dr. Shapiro in conjunction with the Medical Department of the Football Association and the Professional Football Association has examined more than 15,000 footballers in this ongoing project. Dr. Shapiro has a specialist interest in the heart in athletes and has published widely on this subject.


Dr.Shapiro has a longstanding interest in echocardiography and was the founding President of the British Society of Echocardiography.