I have developed special expertise in the diagnosis
and treatment of structural heart disease.

Procedures - MItral Valve Interventions


Mitral balloon valvuloplasty: I have performed approximately 800 cases since 1985. The mitral valve narrows as a consequence of rheumatic heart disease. This is rare now in the UK but remains common in some parts of Africa and Asia. The narrowed valve is opened using a uniquely designed large balloon which is introduced via a vein in the groin and advanced into the heart through a special approach facilitated by a transeptal puncture. This uses a long needle to make a tiny hole in the atrial septum to allow passage of the balloon. This is all carried out without sedation painlessly and often as a day case.


Figure showing a 3D echo of a narrowed mitral valve


An Inoue balloon inflated in the narrowed mitral valve



3D echo showing the balloon inflated and the result with wider opening of the valve


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