A long and broad experience is vital as it allows prompt and accurate assessment of heart related symptoms.

Private Practice


I run a Cardiology Practice at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, where I treat and diagnoses all forms of heart disease including palpitations, breathlessness, heart murmurs, blackout and chest pains. The clinics are run on a one visit system, with facilities for echocardiography (which I perform myself) bubble echocardiography, exercise electrocardiography 24 hour ECG monitoring (Holter) and cardiac ECG event recording. There are facilities available to undertake coronary CT scanning for calcium and coronary arterial abnormalities and blockages.




Dr. Shapiro’s Practice Manager, Diane Miles can be contacted on:


Tel: 01480 831284
Fax: 01480 831035
Email : sec@lmshapiro.com