Almost everyone is capable of
preventing heart disease.

Top Tips

  • Measure your cholesterol – if it comes in above 5 mmol improve your diet, exercise and lose weight

  • Have your blood pressure measured – if this is elevated follow the tip above and see your GP

  • Keep slim

  • Exercise – aim to do at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three times a week, but preferably a good deal more

  • Eat a Mediterranean-style diet that is rich in olive oil, nuts and pulses, and fruit and vegetables. And avoid a diet of red meat, animal fat and dairy products

  • It is not all bad news, some alcohol (not lots) especially red wine is beneficial as it is pure red grape juice

  • Be happy – laugh a lot

  • Do not under any circumstances smoke, and if you do smoke, quit

  • Avoid secondary smoking, which also has an effect on the heart

  • Premature heart disease is often inherited, so pick your parents carefully